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Charles Kemp Wiltshire and Somerset within reasonable distance of Frome (including Bath)

I work with people of all beliefs (or none) to create and lead a funeral service that feels right to them.  Funerals have a job to do and it is important that afterwards everyone feels that a life has been celebrated and a death honoured.  I am down-to-earth, flexible and kind in my approach with a deep appreciation of the importance of ritual and ceremony when marking the significant events in our lives.  As a long-standing counsellor and healer, I am comfortable around feelings and I am familiar with the emotional landscape of death and dying.  I bring to my work a quiet confidence and presence which people find reassuring.

Fee: £150 plus £25 travel expenses
Affiliated: OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation and


Telephone 01373 462606 and 07737 892891


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