About Funeral Advisor


Funeral Advisor is a website for sharing people's experiences of the service they receive from their chosen funeral director. 

You can write a review about a funeral you arranged within the last three years, or you can read reviews left by other families to help you find the right company to undertake funeral arrangements for you in the future.
Funeral directors can vary hugely in choice, flexibility and price of the services they provide, and we believe that the personal experiences of previous clients will be immensely helpful in comparing different companies.
If you have recently arranged a funeral, please take a few minutes to write a review of your funeral director. You will be helping to guide and reassure others at a most stressful time.
(Everyone posting a comment will be required to register with Funeral Advisor first- this is to prevent inappropriate reviews. The process only takes a few moments, and ensures we only publish genuine information. Your identity will not be publicly revealed.)


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