Westmill Woodland Burial Ground, Oxfordshire


The death of anyone we have known and loved, whether someone in our extended family, a friend or colleague, an elderly person, a parent, sibling, child or baby, is no less sad, shocking or painful for those of us who choose to live without religion.

 For more information on Humanist funerals please click here


You can also watch videos of people talking about their own experiences of end of life care and living with a terminal illness on the Health Talk Online charity website - Dying and Berevement section.


BEYOND GOODBYE is the story of a family's attempts to organise the funeral themselves without recourse to a traditional funeral director. This film illustrates the immense value they found as they struggled to come to terms with their loss.

To read more about Josh please visit the website www.beyondgoodbye.co.uk


For an insight into the green burial movement in the USA there's a good short film by Al Jazeera here.