More to Death is the official magazine for The Natural Death Centre. Rosie Inman-Cook and her team are experts in helping people arrange very personal, bespoke natural funerals. They can help with practical, legal and emotional aspects when you have lost a loved one or if you have found out that you or someone close to you doesnt have very long left to live.


Documents that can be downloaded for free from the website.

Natural Burial Ground Feedback Form- Please let the Association of Natural Burial Grounds know your experience of any particular natural burial ground - Your comments will help us give advice to other members of the public.

ANBG Application/Membership Form- Join the Association of Natural Burial Grounds

ANBG Information Form - To become a member, please print and complete this information form and return it along with your application form

ANBG Code of Conduct - All members of the Association undertake to abide by this Code of Conduct

Recommended Funeral Director Information Form - If you are a funeral director and qualify to be listed on this website and in updates to the Natural Death Handbook Edition 5, please print, complete and return this form

Questions to ask a woodland burial site

Questions to ask a Funeral Director - If you are about to make arrangements for a funeral you might find this free download useful


Grave Digging Pdf

This guide is of particular use for people carrying out a home burial with no experience of digging a grave. It will ensure that everything goes smoothly when undertaking this. For novice burial ground operators this will also prove invaluable and prevent you from making costly and time consuming mistakes.
If you would like this grave digging Pdf please contact us and we will be happy to email it to you for free.