Common Misapprehensions and Urban Myths


At the Natural Death Centre we often speak with members of the public who have been misled by ill informed professionals.

Below is a list of urban myths, misinformation - and complete rubbish - all of which we have heard from people who have contacted us.

"We thought that you had to use a funeral director to organise a funeral."

"You have to have a coffin, it's against the law if you don't."

"The hospital told us that because my daughter died from HIV we have to cremate her."

"We presumed you have to use a hearse to move a body."

"If you bury someone in your garden in a home burial, you must register the grave at the Land Registry"

"The funeral director has told me that because my husband's ashes cannot have a woodland burial because his body was embalmed."

"I was told a vicar has to say the committal."

"The council say they have a right to demand details of our home burial."

"We have been told there is a charge payable if a body is taken across county borders."

"We had to have her embalmed; we were told if anyone wanted to visit, that was the law."

"The crematorium said they would not be able to cremate Dad unless we used a funeral director."

"The hospice staff said that our daughter had to be cremated because she died from a particularly aggressive cancer."

"Of course everyone knows they re-use coffins."

"The ashes of different people get mixed together at the crematorium."

"The curtains have to be closed at the end of a cremation ceremony."