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Sept 26 2012 - Elderly Scared by News of Rising Costs of Funerals

Various reports indicate that the cost of dying is sky rocketing. The latest annual survey by Sun Life Direct, (reported here) states the basic cost of a funeral is now £3,284, with prices in London skyrocketing to over £10,000 (see here) with almost a fifth of people struggling to pay for the event.

The Natural Death Centre Charity provides free advice about all aspects of funerals, including keeping costs down, with a national Helpline and comprehensive advice available on their website, "There are many ways to avoid paying for unwanted services" says Rosie Inman-Cook the manager at the charity.

"More options are available in 2012 than ever before.  Whether that is a direct cremation service for as little as £1000 or organising the funeral with no or limited input from a funeral director, saving up to £2000, people now have all kinds of choices, many of which will help keep costs down. You can even be buried on your own land and that's free."  she adds.

The charity recommends that everyone ‘does their homework’ and looks into the process involved in making arrangements for a funeral well before the time that they need to. “We advise people to beware of packages offered by funeral directors,” says Inman-Cook. “You could pay for elements that you do not want or need.”

Many companies ‘up-sell’ to satisfy shareholders,” she continues, "Firms vary considerably in quality and cost. Once somebody has died, their families are usually not in the right frame of mind to shop around. This makes them poor consumers and very vulnerable."

A crucial list of 'QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE ENGAGING AN UNDERTAKER' is available free of charge on the charity's website here

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