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Simon Hodkin Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire
'You don’t have to be a Humanist to have a humanist funeral'

They are for anyone who believes that we don’t need organised religion to lead a good and valued life.
For every client, I will:
  • Meet with you and other close family or friends to get a true perspective and understanding of the person who has dies
  • Write a unique and meaningful tribute for that person, checking my facts and perceptions with you at intervals
  • Devise a structure and flow for the funeral ceremony
  • Suggest music, poetry and readings that would commemorate their life
  • Include a pause in the ceremony where mourners with a religious faith can remember the deceased in their own way
  • Liaise with the Funeral Director and crematorium or burial ground staff to ensure a smooth and flawless ceremony on the day
  • Provide you with a high-quality presentation copy of the ceremony script the day after the funeral, both hard copy and via email
Affiliation: I am trained and accredited by Humanists UK
Fee: £225 for cremations, £250 for burials


Telephone 01488 649 564 or 07711 145 904

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