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Recommended Funeral Directors


Not all funeral directors are the same.

If you are looking for a funeral director to help you with funeral arrangements, we suggest you look on the Funeral Advisor website and see if other families have reviewed the services they received from companies near you. 

We recommend the following:

The list below is of Funeral Directors who are all flexible, transparent and accomodating and who have pledged in writing to the criteria we set out below. Many have been know to the NDC for years, and others have been recommended to us by families they have helped.

The list is under constant review as we receive feedback and recommendations from families for exceptional service provided. 

The funeral directors below have all agreed to the following criteria:


  • To be flexible with the public and provide the service they request.
  • To state clearly what their services entail, including a clear breakdown of costs for each part.
  • To provide a very basic disposal service if requested.
  • To provide information regarding all disposal options to all clients.
  • To assist families who only want a part service, and not to make this difficult by offering 'packages only'.
  • To inform customers that they can send feedback about the services provided to The Natural Death Centre.
  • To explain that embalming is optional - and also explain what embalming entails.
  • To inform families that they may like to help with some aspects such as washing and dressing the person who has died, or carrying the coffin.
  • To state clearly if they are a member of a larger 'group'.
  • To inform families whether the person who has died is being kept at another facility.
  • To provide families with options for other types of celebrant beyond simply a minister or a humanist.
  • To meet and make arrangements at the family home at no extra charge.


South East

South West


East Midlands

West Midlands

North East & Yorkshire

North West



Northern Ireland


If you are a funeral director and qualify to be listed on this website please click here for more information




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