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If you are looking for a celebrant to help you with a funeral ceremony, the Natural Death Centre is delighted to be able to offer you a list of individuals who are fully supportive of the values of the NDC, and who have pledged to offer families as much or as little support as they need in the planning, preparing and carrying out of funeral ceremonies.

The celebrants listed below have all committed themselves to the following pledge:

'As a celebrant who shares the values of the Natural Death Centre Charity, I see my role as supportive rather than directive, and I undertake to offer my services to help each family I work with, to ensure they have the best possible funeral for the person who has died.

I believe that families should be encouraged to do as much as they feel able to in the creating and carrying out of a funeral ceremony, and I will encourage families that I work with to send The Natural Death Centre the story of their funeral so that others can be inspired to be fully involved with creating ceremonies too.'


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If you need to find a celebrant to help you in the near future and we do not yet have a celebrant who supports the Natural Death Centre listed in your area, the links below will take you through to the various UK celebrant organisations:


If you are a Celebrant

If you are interested in being included in this listing of empowering and enabling celebrants - and if you agree with and can comply with the statement above, please subscribe here:

In order for us to cover our administration costs for this new directory, we request an donation from each celebrant of £40.00 per annum. (£20.00 p.a. if you are a Natural Death Society member)

As a Celebrant who supports the Natural Death Centre, you will have:

  • A full listing on our website including a photograph, description of yourself and the services you offer, contact details and a link to your own website.

  • Your details added to an insert sheet that will accompany every copy of the Natural Death Handbook sold.

  • Use of the ‘Supporter of the Natural Death Centre’ logo for your literature and website.

  • Our Helpline staff will suggest callers from your area who are looking for a celebrant get in touch with you to find out if you are able to help them.

  • A complimentary copy of fifth edition of The Natural Death Handbook

On receipt of notification from PayPal that you wish to be listed on the NDC website, we will dispatch your copy of the Handbook, e-mail you to request further information for your listing and supply you with a NDC Supporter logo.

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