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Colleen Allen Will cover hertfordshire, bedfordshire, London and anywhere in the UK where additional mileage / expenses etc are covered, including abroad

Hello there, My name is Colleen Allen and I am an independent Civil Celebrant based in North Hertfordshire. I am available to collate, write and deliver services that are fully inclusive so can adapt to suit individual belief systems. I am committed to creating unique and beautiful funeral services that offer an authentic, personalised, non judgemental tribute.

I am trained by and member of: The Fellowship of Independent Celebrants an excellent organisation who foster an inclusive approach to acknowledging the individuality of people and families.

I am also an artist & poet and strongly believe in creating something that captures the absolute essence of a person and celebrating their life, their cultural and lifestyle background, their philosophy, their family, be it blood or other form of family- inclusive, respectful, individual, egalitarian. I would love to honour your loved friend or family member any where YOU want, be it natural burial grounds, crematorium or in an art gallery, I can help you consider your options too.

I am a great believer in celebrating the life lived and the impression left as a gift to those who knew the person who has died, reflecting on the new relationship that we have with the person in the non physical sense.

People by virtue of being human are wonderfully diverse and this I believe should be celebrated embracing all our idiosyncrasies. Let that rich life heritage shine through brightly and offer thanks.

I am also more than happy to discuss the celebration of your life, in advance of your own death, this is important for many people and offers empowerment, an opportunity to control aspects of ones life, diffusing stigma, promoting choice and championing dignity.

I am happy to work in Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire / Cambridgeshire/ North London and other areas, please just ask, I will always get back to you as soon as possible.

Please email me or call for a chat, in your time in your way.

Thank you

Colleen Allen


Telephone 07999 987 985

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