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Alex Om Wales

Alternative Multifaith Funeral Celebrancy & Services

1) Stewarding £50 \
2) Celebrancy £50 \
3) Speech Writing £50 – ‘ALL 5’ BUNDLE = £200
4) Photography £50 /
5) Extra Atmosphere £50 /

1) Stewarding includes greeting and guiding attendees and to act as an intermediary between yourselves and the Cemetery Management. I will also do a litter-pick at the end and take responsibility for the disposal of said litter and for the safe return of any lost property.

2) Celebrancy can range from Basic Introductions to reading Tributes /Eulogies/ Poems etc. I am also available to be a back-up Speech Reader for anyone who cannot on the day.

3) Speech Writing includes anything from helping you to Write/Proof Read your own Tributes and Eulogies or (for a negotiable extra fee) I can write them for you from scratch providing I have enough information. Again, what is read by whom is flexible until the last moment and is included
in the basic costs as listed above.

4) Photography at your discretion as required/requested on a Real Camera. These can be emailed as a rough bundle at no extra charge leaving you to create books for loved ones at your own pace and style. In any event I will not share them for advertising purposes or in any other way whatsoever. They are for you and your loved ones alone.

5) Extra Atmosphere can include me lighting Four Torches and playing my Gong to unify the energy of the day should you so wish. I can also beat a Drum/Percussive Instrument of your choice as part of the procession from the car park to the final resting place. I am also open to any suggestions that you feel will make this day the perfect send off.  I can also provide a Sound System, Fire Bowls, Gas Bottle, Hob & Kettle for your Music, Comfort and Cooking should you so wish. Please note, however, that Musical Instruments, Fire Wood, Food, Drinks, Cups, Bowls and Cutlery WILL NOT be provided so please arrange those
items yourselves if applicable.

Please also create and Email me a YouTube/Spotify Playlist that I will ensure is fully downloaded and working on the day as telecommunication signals cannot be relied upon at times.  My intention is that any or all of these atmospheric options will add to a most important day of remembrance and most importantly celebration. Please remember that I am not here to help you grieve a death; I am here to help you celebrate a life.

ANY SINGLE SERVICE is a minimum of £50 for UP TO Five Hours and then £10p/h thereafter.
ANY TWO SERVICES OR MORE for as long as required on the day at their fixed rates of £50 per service.
ALL FIVE SERVICES for the price of FOUR in the ‘ALL 5’ BUNDLE saving £50.
FREE CONSULTATIONS at your preferred location. Somewhere significant to the dearly departed is ideal to help me absorb as much about them as possible (unless I have had the fortune to meet them prior to their passing). Somewhere like their home, their favourite nature spot or pub/restaurant etc. This is also a good opportunity for me to meet with key family and friends which is also highly beneficial; especially for Celebrancy and Reading/Writing Services as this helps me add the personal touch often lost by conventional services. It will also help me ‘break the ice’ personally.

My preferred dress may not be your cup of tea so I will happily follow your preferred dress code on the day.
Any calls and questions welcomed between 12-6pm. I try and keep my work phone off outside of those hours to focus on my children and myself so please do not take offence. My phone will of course be on all day for you on the day of the Funeral.

I am a Home Educating Full-Time Lone Father and Pantheistic-Humanist who migrated to West Wales from East Sussex after a suburban London upbringing. An upbringing that gave me the wonderous opportunity to appreciate all walks of life regardless of personal history, cultural background or spiritual creed.
Prior to this line of work I have spent the bulk of my professional life in the hospitality and customer service industries focusing on Outdoor Event Stewarding ranging from small close-nit events to massive crowd control duties at Glastonbury Festival and literally everything else in-between.

I have also spent my entire life surrounded by grief and have a natural affinity towards helping people look on the bright side of both life and death.  I enjoy long walks, anything to do with water, playing piano, guitar, drums & singing, good laughs and science-fiction/fantasy as our modern myths.

I see the world in something of a unique way and hope to share this rare perspective with those who still need something that they have yet to find.
My favourite mottos? One isn’t enough so here they are...

‘Community = Common Unity’ and ‘Our Focus Determines Our Reality’

For more information please
Call 07956 587 332 between 12-6pm or
Email RebelStewards@ProtonMail.Com


Telephone +44 (0) 7956 587 332

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