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Emma Dunleavy-Dale Birmingham and surroundings.
My training with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (FPC) and my interest in death as a part of the natural end to the cycle of life, means I am equipped to help you celebrate the life of the person you have lost.
Whether this be at a more traditional venue, such as a crematorium; a woodland burial; or a totally independent venue of your choosing; I can support you to ensure we find the right words to celebrate your loved one and their life in the most fitting of ways, reflective of their character and personality.
Acknowledging the need to be respectful, even joyful, but no less mindful that the ceremony is a pivotal moment where family and friends can unite to mourn, grieve and reflect together is essential.
An independent ceremony can allow the time and space where this may not seem traditionally possible, to include readings, songs, music, blessings, speeches, prayers, rituals, decorating coffins/caskets/shrouds. Indeed, anything that feels right for those remembering the person loved, but now gone, and which should be included in all funeral ceremonies if desired.
Most importantly, knowing there isn’t a right or wrong way to hold a ceremony; simply a more traditional or a less conventional way, and that whichever you choose is perfectly okay is crucial. When planned and delivered well, the right ceremony can also serve to aid you in your healing, fundamental in supporting you through your on-going grief. 
As a fully Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI), I can also work with you to ensure your ceremony is ‘deaf friendly’ if required and inclusive of deaf and hearing folks too.
Whether your preferred communication is BSL, SSE, Spoken English, or a mix, we can work together to find the ceremony format which best suits. 
Please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your loved one’s ceremony in more detail, as it is always a privilege to meet, to learn about the person you have lost, and ensure the perfect ceremony celebrating life is crafted and led in their honour. 
Member of: Fellowship of Professional celebrants, National Association of Funeral Directors, SAIF Independent Funeral Directors, The Good Funeral Guild, National Register of Communication Professionals with Deaf and Deafblind People, Association of Sign Language Interpreters. 


Telephone 07905781071

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