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William Wilson Worcestershire/Shropshire/West Midlands

Originally from County Down, and a long time member of the Pagan Federation, I believe, in accord with ancient Celtic spirituality, that our physical passing should be marked with dignity and honour!

Harriet Beecher Stowe said “The bitterest tears shed over graves, are for words left unsaid, and for deeds left undone”

And so I feel a funeral ceremony is the final opportunity to tell the ‘life story’ of the deceased, in words that reflect their spirit and personality, with mirth and reverence; a story best told by those who mourn.

Expressing sadness and joy in equal measure, the ceremony can be a true celebration of their life, qualities and achievements.

Should you choose burial or cremation, I will guide and assist you in creating a unique ceremony to honour and respect both your beliefs and wishes, and those of the person to whom we say ‘farewell and blessed be’.


Affiliated to FOIC

30 mile radius from Bewdley [ Worcestershire/Shropshire/West Midlands]
Further by arrangement

Fee: £195 plus travelling/mileage over 30 miles if appropriate


Telephone 0333 366 0926

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