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Sandhurst, Go Your Own Way - Independent Funeral Services, Berkshire


What we do

Whether or not you’ve arranged a funeral before, whatever circumstances you are facing, we can help. You may need to find out some information in preparation for a funeral. You might need to arrange a funeral at short notice, or on a weekend. We try to be as flexible as possible to suit your wishes, including timings and budgets. If timing is critical, it’s possible to hire a private venue for the funeral, followed by direct cremation, or maybe you want to take care of everything at home. We’ll help you find a way.

One of the things people often worry about with a funeral is the cost. (The Natural Death Centre has advice on reducing costs.)

Traditional funeral directors offer a slightly different service to us and their costs reflect the overheads of a more traditional business model. Evelyn’s Funerals is different. We do things in a simple, straightforward way with lower overheads, which means we can offer you a lower cost funeral service.

Ask for quotes from several funeral directors and, no matter which funeral arranging service you choose, check beforehand whether the quote includes things like:

  • fees for the crematorium
  • person leading the ceremony
  • doctors’ fees
  • organist/musician
  • newspaper notices
  • printing orders of service
  • flowers
  • grave digging
  • collecting charity donations
  • and any other items the funeral director might action on your behalf.

These are called ‘disbursements‘ and are in addition to professional fees or arrangement fees. You can use Evelyn’s Funerals price estimator as a guide to understanding the most common costs involved in arranging a funeral.

If you are having a ceremony, the choice of the right person to create the ceremony is very important. You may choose to organise this as a family, and have willing family members to take on the role of co-ordinators, or who will contribute and work it out together. You may prefer to liaise with a professional to help compile the content. We can recommend some excellent people. The ceremony is the culmination of all the arrangements for those who want to share their goodbyes. The life is honoured in words spoken, the stories told, the music heard, the pictures seen, the readings shared – these are the things that will be remembered.

'A good funeral reflects the beauty of life, gives hope to the bereaved, is memorable and moving, something to cherish.'
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Have a look at how Evelyn’s Funerals can help you:

Home Funeral – do it all yourselves

No Fuss Direct Cremation

Simple Cremation Funeral

Coffins and Shrouds

Evelyn’s Funerals Price Estimator

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