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Birmingham, A Natural Undertaking

Funerals celebrating life

We are a truly independent Undertaker based in Birmingham – a business started by Carrie Weekes and Frances Glover – two friends, each with different reasons for becoming undertakers, but united by a single thought that “this can be done differently”.

Having attended and arranged a number of funerals we both felt that to a certain extent funerals had lost the human touch. The traditional black sombre funerals, the keeping of the body at arms length, the uniforms and procedure that so often accompany a funeral ceremony, have overpowered our need to grieve in ways that are right for us.

Our aim with A Natural Undertaking is to help people through a stage in life, which, while crushingly sad, is after all a normal and natural part of life.

We want to help people remember their friends and relatives without expectation or guilt. To use those moments between death and final memorial to say their farewells in ways they themselves can be proud of.

Providing information and enabling choice forms a huge part of our service. There are too many myths surrounding funerals, all of which create barriers to our being able to grieve well. Knowing you have choices, knowing what those choices are and acting upon them is an important way in which you can feel more in control of a situation that has essentially been thrust upon you.

And for us there should be no expectation about size and scale of a funeral. A truly good funeral is achievable whatever your budget and in truth there are many things which have become part and parcel of a funeral that really aren’t needed. We’ll help you understand what you need versus what you might want, and together we’ll help you and your friends create an event which you can really own.


Site Address 290 Vicarage Road

Town Kings Heath

County Birmingham

PostCode B14 7NH

Telephone 0121 444 0437

Awards Winner of Modern Funeral Director of the Year 2016 at the Good Funeral Awards

SAIF Member

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