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Kidderminster, Attwood Funerals, Worcestershire

Mike, Sam and Kate set out to offer an alternative to the normal run of the mill undertaking service. We run a genuine family business and offer personal service to all our clients, day and night. We apply the same standards as we would to our own family members.

We have gleaned experience in the funeral world for many years in a wide range of places and from a range of perspectives and want to give you as many choices as possible.

We demystify the funeral process and offer a pragmatic and down to earth service. We like to help families express themselves in ways appropriate to them. We can help you realise your wish be it cemetery burial, woodland burial or cremation, traditional or modern, simple or elaborate, religious, spiritual or non-religious, or just completely bespoke,artistic and creative – when it comes to funerals and celebrations of life you are the author. Many people do not realise that there are no rules controlling what a funeral should be like. People often say ‘oh I didn’t know I didn’t have to do that’.

Funerals are changing and even more so since Covid brought about enforced changes. People have become a lot more creative and are doing things differently. We get job satisfaction from knowing you were able to express yourself in the way you feel comfortable. We enable you to participate as much as you feel comfortable with and assist you to create a personal ceremony. Small funeral gatherings can be held at our premises.

We have facilitated families to take care of their loved one at home or at our premises, take their own service, bury on their own land, use their own vehicles, make their own coffin or shroud, decorate the coffin with home grown flowers, pictures, drawings or fabrics. We offer an abundance of choice. 

We also believe that a good funeral does not need to be an expensive one.

Our ethos is to enable the funeral to be a healing and therapeutic experience.

People often say after first meeting with us ‘that was so much better than I thought it was going to be, you made it so easy’. 


Site Address Attwood House

220 Marpool Lane

Town Kidderminster

PostCode DY11 5DL

Telephone 01562 632081

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