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Atlantic Rest Natural Burial, Bude, Cornwall


Regional Runner up


The People's Awards for the Best Natural Burial Ground 2023

And Regional Winner in 2019


Shortly after we met in 2005 we were both introduced to the concept of Natural Burial. Tom lost all three of his grandparents within a 2 year period and all three grandparents were laid to rest at Natural Burial sites. Two being at Westall Park in Redditch and one at Colney Wood in Norfolk.

This opened our eyes to thinking about this taboo subject very openly and realising that things are changing.

It became apparent that when our time comes one day, we would not have anywhere to be buried ourselves. The thought of cremation for me - well I won't go into how that makes me feel! We are both keen to do our part to help the environment to flourish, so Natural Burial for us is perfect.

So we were left thinking - what will happen to us? We knew that you could be buried on your own land but the land by our house would not be suitable due to it being so wet. Also, it can lead to impracticalities in the future if you move etc.

These thoughts all simmered away and remained on the back boiler for a couple of years, we were both only 21 back then!

We have looked high and low for several years for suitable land locally to open a Natural Burial Ground of our own; to provide a solution, not just for ourselves but for all others who feel the same as we do. Our searches locally were in double figures before finally realising that our site was under our noses in Woolley.

Penlow field has been owned by my family since 1959, until recently it was under the ownership of my late grandfather Cyril Hawkins. It has been a very long and often difficult journey, to obtain planning permission to open a Natural Burial Ground here - but we have made it. We must say a special thank you to all our family and friends who have supported us along the way, with out that support we might not have got here!

One thing we have certainly learnt along the way - 'if you really believe in something then it is certainly worth fighting for'.

So to sum things up, we are both very pleased to present to you - Cornwall's newest Natural Burial Ground - Atlantic Rest Natural Burial at Penlow Field, Woolley.

Sheridon & Tom

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Contact Tom & Sheridon Rosser

Telephone 01288 381 836 up until 8pm, or 07775 726 907

Correspondence address Rockingham, East Road, Kilkhampton, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 9QS

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